Landmarks in Emergency Medicine focusing on Geriatrics, Longevity, Living and Healthy Aging

6th to 9th November 2024 • Complesso del Seraphicum • Rome, Italy

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Dear Colleagues

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to the Xth Decennial World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine (WACEM) the XVth Italian GREAT Network Congress (GREAT-ITALY) & the Annual Congress of Italian Association of patients with Heart Failure (AISC), in the City of Rome, Italy. Supported by various Institutions and Organizations across the world, WACEM24 guarantees an academic feast second to none.

WACEM2024 represents a global partnership focused on advancing patient cantered education, research and care across the world.

The main objective of The World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine 2024 is to advance emergency medicine, acute care, critical interventions and preventive medicine skills by supporting EM pioneers and leaders around the globe, by endorsing proper standards, providing training and education, as well as promoting proper access and services for all our emergency patients anywhere in the world.

The Theme for WACEM24 is based on 5 innovative pillars 1) Longevity/Geriatric Emergency Medicine 2) Biomarkers 3) Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence Technology 4) Patient-centred Healthcare system and 5) Transformational Innovative  Models In Education & Research

Building bridges between Clinical Medicine & Longevity/Geriatric Sciences, the Scientific Team of WACEM24 has devised a novel approach to focus the presentations on Patients as well as Patient Care Providers namely Physicians, Nurses, Medical Students, Residents, Paramedics and Technicians. Helping patients to survive in emergency medical conditions is equally important as much as the sustainable long-term health of all patient care providers implementing the preventive medicine concept.

The partnership of WACEM with GREAT Italy Network aims to standardize the clinical and organizational system approach in acute disease management all over the world and to encourage young physicians to do research on acute conditions through the concept of “Translational Medicine” and the conduction of multi-centre clinical trials. Thanks to this strong research activity, since its inception a significant number of scientific articles by WACEM leaders have been published in very important international journals. Our joint effort will add innovation and special flavour to WACEM24 and will provide exceptional momentum and value to our speakers and participants also providing the opportunity to publish their selected contributions to the congress in international journals.

Together, we shall continue to develop and promote exceptional international networks and to build bridges of knowledge, research, and activism.

I welcome you all to the City of Science, Sociality and Spirituality ROMA, Italy.

The 2024 Secretary General of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine
Prof. Dr. Salvatore Di Somma, MD PhD

GREAT Italy President
Scientific Chairman Postgraduate School of Emergency Medicine
Faculty of Medicine and Psychology
University La Sapienza Rome
Expert Professor Internal Medicine University of Lund Sweden
Visiting Professor UCSD San Diego USA
Founder Great Health Science
Director Scientific Committee Italian Association of Patients with Heart Failure (AISC)

WACEM2024 Declaration

WACEM2024 is the Only Distinguished Academic Conference for Original Presentations in areas of patient cantered education, research, and quality care in Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Acute Care.

Every Submission will be accepted either for Oral or Poster Presentation.

Selected Distinguished Oral Presentations will have an opportunity to publish their original work in any of the WACEM24 Partnered High Impact Journals.

We welcome you to join us at WACEM2024 as we celebrate 10 years of excellence in spearheading the advancement of Academics across the world.



For More Information:
The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine was founded in 2016 with the constitution finalized in 2017. The World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine is the official annual meeting of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine. Founded by Academic leaders from USA, UK, Italy, Qatar, UAE, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore & Japan WACEM is a Non-Political 100% Academic Organization focused on working with individual academicians, academic institutions and academic organization to forward the Science of Emergency Patient Care. All clinical specialties namely trauma, critical care, cardiology, neurosciences, pediatrics, orthopedics, acute care surgery and emergency medicine involved in the academic science of Emergency Patient Care are a part of the WACEM Agenda.
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For More Information:
AAEM was established in 1993 to promote fair and equitable practice environments necessary to allow emergency physicians to deliver the highest quality of patient care. For 30 years, AAEM has been a leader in protecting board certification in emergency medicine and confronting the harmful influence of the corporate practice of medicine. We support fair and equitable practice environments that allow emergency physicians to deliver the highest quality of patient care. he American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) is the specialty society of emergency medicine. AAEM is a democratic organization committed to its founding principles. Pioneers of the American Model of International Emergency Medicine leaders of AAEM are credited with the global advancement of Emergency Medicine over the last two decades.
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For More Information:
GREAT Italy is a Network of multidisciplinary experts in the management of acute clinical conditions in the fields of emergency medicine and critical care. Over the last years, the GREAT Network has experienced a yearly lively growth, and now includes 72 countries in the world and important cooperations with Universities and Care Centres at the global level. Italian and International GREAT Congresses have been held each year in Rome, Italy; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Prague, Czech Republic; Helsinki, Finland, with and increasing number of participants and a very active participation and collaboration between outstanding experts and young fellows. GREAT-ITALY is a apart of the GREAT Network.
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the Italian Association of Heart Failure Patients

About AISC

For More Information:
The Italian Association of Heart Failure Patients was founded in Rome in 2014. With the help of all the Councilors, who are part of the Executive Committee, and the doctors who collaborate, the Association has structured itself and is carrying out a widespread dissemination activity with documentation of scientific value, coming into contact with all the other heart failure centres existing in the national territory. Its aims and objectives are:
  • To promote information on heart failure, to increase awareness of the pathology and guarantee the best prevention
  • To perform an educational function aimed at developing the ability to recognize the pathology and follow the correct treatments, to improve the quality of life of patients.
  • To improve the objectives of the medical research also in light of the practical needs.
  • To create a national reference network for patients, to ensure the possibility of sharing information and receiving support.
  • To bring the attention of institutions and public opinion to the pathology and patients, to improve prevention, protection and treatment interventions.
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